Mar 2016 - Present

Take My Hands is a charitable organisation that redistributes medical equipment and supplies to those in need. They also offer support to other projects and organisations looking to make a positive difference in the world.

I met the founder through a charity hackathon hosted by ImpactNPO and shortly after I started building a prototype application in AngularJS and .NET Web API.

In 2017 development started on the beta application using Angular 2 and Firebase. Eventually the site will make the collection and distribution of donated medical supplies and equipment more efficient and easier to report on. It will also replace a humongous google spreadsheet currently used to do this.

We recently "hired" a small team of volunteer developers, whom I now lead in addition to continuing with development. So while a developer first and foremost I now wear several hats: scrum master, business analyst, devops, tester and team lead.

To ease the development of the application by a distributed team of remote developers the project has been set up according to gitflow and uses CodeShip for continuous integration and delivery.

The application is kept in line with each major Angular release and we recently delivered our first production release.

Take My Hands recently won a Ceres Organics Good People Award for technology

  • Angular 4
  • Firebase
  • NodeJS
  • Google Cloud
  • CodeShip
  • git flow

Rich is a vital part of our team. He’s the lead in the development of a web app that will allow us to scale internationally. For us, his strength lies in his ability to understand what we need both now, and in the future, and translate that into a solution that makes our and our partners lives easy. I can honestly say that without his passion, professionalism and commitment we wouldn’t be even remotely close to where we are today.

Janette Searle - Founder Take My Hands