Hey there, my name's Rich Field. I'm a Full Stack Web Developer with a passion for the front end. I've developed software for flight simulators, fire alarms and the web; for companies both large and small. I specialise in building web applications that are fast and responsive. I love to learn. When I'm not learning, or coding, I'm usually outside. If I'm doing none of the above, I'll be drinking coffee, baking or enjoying a tasty beverage.


Rich has been very professional and created an excellent website which has been very advantageous for my business..

Andre Oertel

I created the Lilliput Libraries project three years ago and there’s always been a ‘if only I could map them’ on my ‘would like, but improbable’ wish list. Earlier this year Rich contacted me to say he’d discovered the libraries while staying in Dunedin and wondered if he could be of help by providing a LL map. My response was an unreserved YES. So a remote connection was made with Rich listening to my wishes and willingly making modifications as I changed my mind, frequently! He built me a LL map site with capabilities beyond my hopes – it covers NZ when I only expected Dunedin. I’m thrilled with the result. Our LL guardians and users are ecstatic our project has been mapped. Thanks Rich, it’s been a pleasure having your wonderful skills and talents in a very generous voluntary capacity.

Ruth Arnison

Rich is really great at getting what needs to get done, done. He was very easy to work with and great at communicating. Also has a lot of web dev experience which was great.

Pasha Minkovsky - Nav Talent Product Lead


A fast learner who loves to learn means I can quickly get up to speed when joining projects or learning new technologies.

I'm capable of working in multi-disciplined teams, both large and small, in office or remote.

I'm comfortable using many technologies but these are my current faves.

  • ReactJS
  • Angular
  • Firebase
  • NodeJS
  • Prismic
  • Git
  • SASS
  • C#
  • .NET
  • Azure
  • Shopify


Below are the projects I have worked on as a freelance developer.
For more details on my experience prior to going freelance, please see my full bio or LinkedIn.