Dec 2016 - May 2017

Udegree are a small Auckland start up creating a SaaS education product.

When Udegree contact me they had a very limited static prototype developed in Angular RC2.

My first task was to update to the prototype to the latest version of Angular, and keep it up to date. I then added in the extra functionality required for a pending demonstration.

This demonstration was a success and more features were added.

The end product would require importing large amounts of data from a spreadsheet and creating a rules engine from the data. A second Rules Engine prototype was built as learning exercise in how this would be accomplished. This has a simple UI and was used to confirm that the correct errors were displayed for each combination of courses; to check performance and to provide something else to demonstrate.

The presentations were a success and I was expecting to start work on a Beta product; but unfortunately the project has been but on hold.

  • Angular 4
  • NGRX Store
  • Firebase
  • RxJS
  • Webpack