June to July 2018

This US based client approached me to build a front-end application for their start up. The back-end was partially built and the front-end partially specified. I worked with the client to complete the specification and assisted with debugging the back-end. The React front-end was built to match wireframe mock ups created by a designer using Zeplin.


Initially specifications were delivered and collaborated on in a Google Doc, with reference to the designs in Zeplin.

However, as the specification grew and changed this became cumbersome to work with. I suggested we set up a Kanban board in Trello instead. This proved a great success; it was easier for the client to see what was being worked on and easier for us to collaborate and keep track of questions and answers.

Custom List Component

Several custom components were created, but the most involved was the a reusable list component and associated sort and filter control.

Each screen of the application contains one or more lists. The content and functionality for each list was slightly different, but enough similarities remained to make this a reusable component. The columns and functionality for each list are configured by a JSON object passed to the list.

Table wide sort and multiple filters across several columns can be active at any one time.

  • React
  • Redux
  • Jest
  • Node